View Full Version : DM engine for a possible T4?

9th Dec 2006, 16:45
While i was playing the action RPG 'Dark Messiah' from Arcane studioes, it suddenly hit me - Bam! this game engine would be perfekt for the next Thief game if that should come anytime soon. I mean, it got a sneak-meter already, fire arrows (and frostarrows, that could be degrated to water arrows), healing potions, stealth skills, a rope-arrow bow (missed that in T3) and so on.
So, would it be a possible engine for a new theif game? of course it would need some (cough cough alot cough) new features, as flashbombs and gasarrows, but on the whole i think it could be possible with alot of skilled persons on the job

9th Dec 2006, 18:48
Well as I've been told many times Thief 4 is almost never going to happen. However i too noticed the things you mentioned and i think with the right modding tools this could be next big project. That is if anyones willing to spend time doing it.

9th Dec 2006, 19:40
When I saw "DM" I thought "Dark Mod", which you should check out here:


10th Dec 2006, 09:32
When I saw "DM" I thought "Dark Mod", which you should check out here:


So did i. On the subject of mods theres also thievery which is a multiplayer mod for Unreal Tournament based on Thief.


I haven't actually played it myself yet as i haven't got round to buying UT. Is Thievery any good? Has it got atmosphere?

21st Dec 2006, 23:49
When I saw "DM" I thought "Dark Mod"

I'll sec... sorry, third that. :)

I have played the demo of Dark Messiah and it certainly has potential for a Thief mod/total conversion. I also remember reading on one of the HL2 Hammer forums that some people (who are Thief fans) were working on a Thief styled stealth mod, but seeing that DM is the HL2 engine at heart and, as you have pointed out, has many stealth elements, I wouldn't be suprised to hear of a mod in production within the next year or so. Something to keep in mind. :)