View Full Version : T2 cutscenes missing

9th Dec 2006, 15:53
Hi, i've just reinstalled my old theif game after it had got quite as dusty on the shelf. It catched me as much as it did then, and i got to the mission 'life of the party' in one row, without removing the disc from my drive . But then, the day after, i wanted to play something else, and removed the disk.
When i returned to play theif again, it would'nt play cutscenes at all. This annoys me, because i play the game to get the nice plot (which is hard when you cant se the cutscenes), as much as i do to play the levels.
So, what am i going to do? i have tried to reinstall the game, but it dosen't help at all

9th Dec 2006, 17:50
First check that you can play a cutscene manually by double clicking on an AVI file in your thief2\movies folder. Assuming that works using your default movie player, then the problem is caused by the Indeo CODEC (another player) used by Thief2 (and 1). Try reinstalling the Indeo codec. There is a codec install file / folder (forget which) on the T2 CD. Having done that, it should play. Now, it may go away again the next time you play. If so, you are victim of a bug that has to do with Windows XP, where the codecs have to be installed each time you play the game. Fortunately, there is a permanent fix for that bug. Check here: