View Full Version : Wednesday Goodness Hath Cometh - Second new Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot online

6th Dec 2006, 18:51
Eidos has dispatched a second new screenshot showcasing polygon-rich action from Tomb Raider Anniversary, a special celebratory video-game being developed by Crystal Dynamics to mark 10 years of Lara Croft. Tomb Raider Anniversary will release in 2007 for PC, PS2 and PSP.


6th Dec 2006, 18:59
Thanks for the info. That screenshot is fantastic! Ancient gears are good, gears make things happen.

6th Dec 2006, 18:59
High Resolution version here ;)


Warning. It's big!

6th Dec 2006, 20:38
wow it looks so great..i can't wait to play it..

7th Dec 2006, 09:33
Thankyou.... I am impressed with that screenshot. :thumbsup:

My money is on this one... I still haven't got Legend btw, the price is still too high....:rasp: but I think the new one will be worth every penny. ;) :cool:

7th Dec 2006, 20:24
it only 30 dollars i kno that is a bit much but i bout it when it was 50 so that's cheaper then when i bout it..

8th Dec 2006, 05:44
you can get legend bundle software for $10 shipped on ebay like me :rasp:

8th Dec 2006, 08:22
you can get legend bundle software for $10 shipped on ebay like me :rasp:

That's what I mean, it's still too much... :rasp: I'd rather buy a DVD with all the other releases on it... bar AOD of course. ;)
But now we are finally getting what I would like.... and if there was a map editor with it i'd be over the moon.

10th Dec 2006, 15:42
Let's just hope all the locales are that vast and stunning. Can't wait :thumbsup: Thanks for the TR goodness ML2U :)