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5th Dec 2006, 07:19
Hey all,
I've just finished Just Cause for PC and could swear I saw a passenger liner jumbo jet in the air. I have been to Mendoza International Airport and unlocked its safehouse but can only find 2 Stirling Jet Exclusive 9s and an Alexander AX-14. I have a plane nut friend who is dying to fly the plane (if possible) and I was wondering if anyone has actually flown one. I was also wondering if there is an airport with one.


5th Dec 2006, 23:06
One possible way to get the 747 is to fly a helicopter in the area you have seen the 747. Once you have seen it follow it and when you get close to it use the stunt method and see if you can get in.

So far I have not seen the 747, but there is
a 4 propeller engine plane at the airport.

31st Dec 2006, 00:35
Yes I've seen the 747 and I tailed it to get close enough to it to do the jump to vehicle stunt but it didn't show up so I jumped out with my parachute and grappled it and came right up on it but it only kicked me back and hurt me. I'm pretty that you can't get in it.