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5th Dec 2006, 00:41
This game is so out dated. No one plays this game anymore. I dont play it. If Eidos doesn't make a new game, these forums our going to be bye bye now. I just bought Medieval 2 total war. Sorry, But Bye Bye.

5th Dec 2006, 10:40
Well I reckon that a lot of people DO actually play this game.Its still the best napoleonic game by miles.I also have MTW2 and still play this game more although Im mainly into COD2 and IL2/Pacific Fighters
MTW2 is achingly beautiful to look at/ listen to but underneath its the exact same game engine as RTW which in itself is no major bad thing but youd think they would have done something new with it...
The Napoleonic Total War 2 mod was a major disappointment with constant crashing/freezes after the first update.The mod featured the most stunning splashscreens / in game portraits but I felt overall even without the crashes it wasnt an IG beater.The choice of units (Carbine armed cavalry who didnt actually have guns!!!???)and the whole morale thing-it just doesnt work for me
So yes Hardyea did beat me to it ....I was going to post an obituary for Imperial Glory in the weeks to come....The game was allowed to die by the developers and distributors but it could have been so much more successful -look at the far inferior Cossacks series.Its a shame.Still I'll have my modded IG on my hard drive for a long time to come

5th Dec 2006, 18:55
When I get some time I'll make up a quick picture to go along with this RIP IG thread :rasp:

17th Dec 2006, 18:21

17th Dec 2006, 19:48
RIP!I'll still enjoy it but as far as development goes i reckon its flatlined...

20th Dec 2006, 08:06
Yep Eidos really need to release something new. I traded my copy of imperial glory in within the first few weeks of buying it. Though i must admit this was because i had played Total War so it 'seemed' rather lame.
They've got Battlestations: Midway coming out which is my favorite 'want' at the moment but i'd like to see something like Deus Ex/Thief developed. An IG2 couldn't hurt either. As long as they do things right there is a lot of money to be made. Theres a lot of us Peninsular War fanatics.

17th Jan 2007, 20:24
"MTW2 is achingly beautiful to look at/ listen to but underneath its the exact same game engine as RTW which in itself is no major bad thing but youd think they would have done something new with it..."


M2TW is basically TW in medieval clothing, and improved graphics. Not much else...

Duke of Potsdam
23rd Jan 2007, 01:10
Its such a shame that I have not heard of any more updates to this game. I thoroughly enjoy this game. Anyone think there might be a chance that a sequel to this game will bring a resurgence of interest in this game?

Stanislav II
24th Jan 2007, 15:08
Hardyea September 2005. Early IG fan? Come back because no cannon can destroy like a howitzer? No calvary can charge like the lancers? No ship so graceful and elegant as the frigate? You come back for more! IG can/will never grow old.

25th Jan 2007, 00:40
I've been going on IG fourms for a while and I have never seen Office Puppy like that I still love the game!

25th Jan 2007, 05:38
It's all in good fun, I don't hate it or anything :rasp:

7th Feb 2007, 01:11
well I for one still love IG

10th Feb 2007, 10:41
Well IG has been on my puter since I bought it. I have most of the files translated to English and I make little tweaks as I go when I see something that needs tweaked. I still play it for 3-8hours every two weeks so it stays in my start menu. I love the smoke mod the blood mod, and well my militia mod. A few tweaks to weapons and such it is a great game. I still love it.