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Johnny five
3rd Dec 2006, 01:56
Looking at the tombraider website in the history section they missed out 1 !...i think just after tombraider 2 there was an additional game called the gold mask i think.
Completed all the tomb games but unfortunatley my pc isnt fit enough to take legends!!:mad:

3rd Dec 2006, 14:27
Well, if they did that there would be like 20 different games (I am exagerating)

Coz there were loads of expansions. :D

3rd Dec 2006, 16:10
There were only four official expansions.
Unfinished Business - expansion to TR1.
The Golden Mask - expansion to TR2.
The Lost Artefact - expansion to TR3.
Times Exclusive Level - expansion to TR4.
Other than that there is nothing, only fan-made levels.

3rd Dec 2006, 16:49
What about the Gameboy and Mobile titles? :)

4th Dec 2006, 06:37
What about the Gameboy and Mobile titles? :)

Never played them. So, I don't know.

4th Dec 2006, 21:00
So, other than all the games afore mentioned:

Tomb Raider ("Tale of the Nightmare Stone") - GBC
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword - GBC
Tomb Raider: The Prophecy - GBA

Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex - JAVA
Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar - JAVA
Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life - JAVA

Granted, these are just parallel stories that don't affect the main stories at all, but so are the expansion packs, but rather just add to. ;) (I might also have missed some, but that's intentional as the ones above are the only ones I can think of with potential storylines.)