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Dragu Slave
2nd Dec 2006, 22:01
PLs, Flares or something else?

PLS for me pls :) Flares are extremely annoying.

It was the best, no need to drop it to draw your guns. In combat while moving, the light is always with you (sounds a bit poetic, but what the heck), when it goes out in mid-air, Lara grabs the ledge, while with flares she doesn't grab it, cause she's too busy throwing the flare away.

3rd Dec 2006, 01:57
Flares are more TR'ish, just like torches, its more fun to light up a flare than use some high tech atached light, Lara still holds the flare when she grabs something, she can throw them away to light up some area and pick them back up or can throw a bunch of them around.

What i do hope is that they last longer and we can find flare boxes around the levels :) .

3rd Dec 2006, 02:00
I like both the flares and the PLS. I think the flares were appropriate in the early Tomb Raiders and the PLS appropriate in the "high-tech" Legend. Let me expand on this a little.

In the earlier Tomb Raider games, Lara didn't have gadgets like a Bluetooth headset and PDA, in fact, she was lucky to have a compass (I kinda miss the ol' compass). Using flares was a challenge in that the more flares you found, the longer you could explore dark areas. In the environment where you had to deal with the Yeti (TR2, I think), there was a building that you had to explore which I think was a classic tomb raiding experience. Here's the situation...this particular building was pitch black inside, so you have to use your flares efficiently. In you go, and after a few steps, what do you hear...Yeti! Scared the crap outta me the first time. Oh great, *somewhere* in there are Yeti, and you've got a box of flares to grope around with, and you *must* retrieve the key (or treasure or something) inside the building. I was never so happy to have flares.

In Legend, the PLS fit right in with the other high-tech gadgets. As you mentioned, it was very convenient because it was always there and didn't impede your actions. But, I found that Legend was so, shall we say, polished and shiny, that there were not many places where I actually needed the PLS.

So, in my long-winded response, I like both the wonderfully annoying flares and the PLS.

3rd Dec 2006, 03:11
I agree the flares are more TRish.... But:

Flares require a hand.... Which competes with the guns, artifacts... etc. The 'more important stuff'.

You throw it somwhere, and you have to be somewhat close to it to see what you're doing.

You can run out of them when you might really need them.



Hands free.

Goes where you go.

Don't have to worry about running out of anything - Except the charge.. But that's easy enough; don't keep it on all the time.

As simple as that folks. (But then again, TR is not meant to be simple, eh? :D)

Just less of a hassle IMO.
PLS gets my vote mates.

3rd Dec 2006, 16:07
I didn't vote for anything, because there were no lighting devices in TR1.
BTW, some of you want a total remake of TR1 with long jumps, no constant music, standard gun posture, etc, because they didn't get it in Legend. Then why the Hell do you want to keep the PLS from the same old Legend???

9th Dec 2006, 21:02
i don't mind which......the great aspect for the RLS as you say it's rechargable....and you can still gun down bad guys with your light on....with flares it's a bit more difficult because you have to put your guns away risking having your head bitten off by something rather unpleasant

10th Dec 2006, 15:38
Definitely flares, but very good point Terminatorvs.

The PLS is a good idea... Although I never liked it much. Even the name seems pretentious.

12th Dec 2006, 10:51
I'm voting for both (meaning I'm not vote for both)

Reason behind it: because PLS and Flare give us different experiences, if possible provide both gadget with some tweak.

I little tweak for both:
- Only rechargeable if there sunlight (solar system) meaning only recharge if lara in open wide area and in the afternoon. Environment also take into account, when there are lot of fog PLS will recharge very slowly.

- Will not recharge inside a cave
- Instead of PLS, change into Solar Flashlight System SFS

- Make flare last longer or create 3 type of flares
- Flare A (blue flare/expired flare maybe) last very long but provide low light
- Flare B (green flare/old flare but not yet expire maybe) average in duration and provide enough brightness
- Flare C (red flare/brand new flare maybe) last very short (not too short) and provide very bright light (sunshine inside cave everyone)

- More flare drop, left over from other adventure who died :D (lot of corpse? xD)

12th Dec 2006, 20:58
flare is a good idea and pls is also good although i didn't use the pls nor the flares in all tr series especially from 1 to 5 "i used the dual pistols there to light my way lol". The thing what i am pointing at is the element of surprise coz in the tr 1, 2, 3, and 4 there were some places "especially in tombs" where its dark and certain sudden events happens that make u jump off ur seat, so no flares are needed there "what u need is to face". This was clear in tr 1, that was one of the causes that made this game successfull beside puzzles, secrets, fight action, driving, underwater diving and air problem...

22nd Feb 2007, 07:08
Hello there~ This FORUM has maybe better this voting system than here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/).
(Here, we can see who vote where, and multiple choice to vote possible.)
So I joined here directly on today~ I think this voting system is important
in any FORUM because we should get a certain conclusion from our
hot discussion or bloody(?) arguing on the FORUM. :nut:

hmmm... PLS(=new one) or Flare(=old one)...

Every TR fans has a any "nostalgy" of this TR. I agree. and me too.
But we should know about this point. This TR should be going to
direction to evolution of mordern technology. That's mean... If we
are real TR fan, we should see technically new things in every TR serise.
Lara face too. This is my arguing. So I vote to PLS. But how we can see
this old flare in future TR? This is also possible any other divice such like
incresing "Lara's accessary (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1558280&postcount=59)" on the game. e.g. Big cigar of Lara (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1566182&postcount=136) as a "accessary"
have simular fonction like flares on last TR game. This is my idea about this topic.

22nd Feb 2007, 12:18
Shouldn't Eidos and Crystal Dynamics do what ever was in the first tomb raider?

22nd Feb 2007, 17:07
I vote for the PLS. I think this made more sense for the game, as it allowed Lara to use her guns, etc. The first game did not have the PLS or Flares, but this isn't a straight remake as has been mentioned multiple times. As a result, I don't think it needs to follow what was in the first TR game so strictly. I would prefer the PLS, but maybe they can make flares available for users who prefer that experience. Flares were in one level of Legend, so everything should already be coded...