View Full Version : Loading Problem

29th Nov 2006, 08:22

when i start a new game it will load the intro but on the loading screen after the intro the game load and load and load. the game don´t crush or something else but the loading does not end

somebody here with the same prob?

edit: I post my system later

11th Jan 2007, 14:56
i am having the exact same problem, the program hooking at the end of the very first loading bar. no crashes or error messages, just the same screen ad inifinitum.

tried loads of reinstalls and driver changes, no luck.

my system matches or betters the minimum requirements, so its not that, unless avalanche recommended the wrong ones.

could someone let me know what loads up after the very first loading screen so i can pin down the problem? is it a video or a menu?

16th Jan 2007, 03:07
the game is now working past first loading screen,
while sorting another problem i updated my motherboards integrated soundcard drivers - i wasn't using the card but this seemed to fix it.