View Full Version : Bug!

27th Nov 2006, 05:58
I am having a huge bug that is preventing me from finishing the mission to destory the power plant. When I get close to the plant I get attacked and kill all the enemies but a bug keeps generating enemies to appear all around me constantly no matter how many I kill...they just appear out of NOWHERE and shoot me in the back from 5 feet away? Also the helicopter that looks like the Hind? keeps attacking me and when I blow it up with a rocket another one appears in under 15 seconds. They just keep coming. Anyone know of a way to eliminate the enemies from constantly spawning seemingly from NOWHERE? Is this game SUPPOSED to be like that? I am confused. -Turk182

27th Nov 2006, 20:42
i cant realy answer ur question.....as i havent got that far.i must admit that there is a load of bugz in this game,so maybe thats ur problem?
by the way...ur nickname "turkeyburgers":lol: :lol: :lol: made me piss my pants!