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26th Nov 2006, 03:50
Is there any way to get bigger regiments?
ex. Infantry 500, Cavalry 180, artillery 6, etc?
Also longer range would be nice

Dragoons:120 yds
Riflemen/light infantry:225 yds
Grenadier/line infantry:175 yds
Elite:250 yds
12 lb cannons:480 yds
6 lb cannons: 475 yds
howitzers:290 yds

plz respond

26th Nov 2006, 06:43
There is a mod that increases the units #'s and cannon range, but not the kind of #'s your talking about. The game has some limits.

26th Nov 2006, 19:44
500 men in a unit?No.The absolute max is 200 but 120 -or is it 100-is the max if you want to use Square Formation .
6 cannons is not a problem and the range-AND ACCURACY IN 3 RANGE BANDS_- of all units can be modded to your hearts content too.NB however the cannons will not hit anything at all near (under 200/300m)if you give them a long /realistic range like much over 5 or600m.And the maps are too small to allow cannons mega long range anyway-they just wipe out all units before they get anyway near.
For an improved gameplay you need to neuter the units esp cavalrys ,tendency to attack Artillery at all costs.This is a bit harder than other mods .
Basically you need to do a forum search on a guy called Icanus and use his EARLIER unit editor.The later one is simpler but wont let you increase arty range much.
If you search my earlier posts and his and also maybe a guy called Naihreann you will learn all about unit stat modding and its limits in this game.

27th Nov 2006, 00:47
how would i do it myself
or how would i install mod?