View Full Version : "Best" Gamepad for PC? for TR?

21st Nov 2006, 20:26
[what? Did I say something wrong? Doesn't anyone use a gamepad? Or is it that know one plays this on the PC version? :-(]

Someone mentioned that a gamepad can make play much easier on a PC.
Ran down to Fry's and found the gamepad section -- but so many to choose from.

What gamepad(s?) do people like (or use). Any better than other for TRL?

What factors go into a good gamepad? Lots of programmable buttons?
I use a trackball instead of a mouse on my PC, and that has some inertia that can spin around in turns, but I'm not sure if that is so useful.

I hate the auto-view positioning sometimes...I walk out in a battle, start to
fire, and the view shifts so I can no longer see who I'm firing at -- after
each shot. The locking-aim mode helps some, but I also always feel
like I'm wearing blinders -- especially in a battle -- It's annoyingly unrealistic for me not to be turning my head left to right w/o moving body, all in under a second or two and take in close to a 360 degree view, but it seems in battles, I'm always getting killed because the auto-view keeps my view shifting relative to who I am firing at, and I can't look around me for closer or more immediate threats.

Another problem is lining up for jumps -- it takes a long time with cursor -- if I set mouse sensitivity too high, it's harder to line up a jump, but too low, and it's harder to look/spin around -- especially in battle. What's a budding TR to do?

Anyway, the gamepad idea, I thought, might be of some help...?

Thanks for suggestions...

25th Nov 2006, 08:30
personally i use a sony ps2 pad, although you also need to buy a usb adapter it works well. i have also used it for other games and never had any problems. i have been using it for a couple of years now so i cant remember the cost but i think you should be able to pick up an adapter and pad for less than £20

25th Nov 2006, 09:46
I find that the best pad for any game is the Nostromo by Belkin one, but I found the TRL controls really easy....

25th Nov 2006, 10:39
i hate it for the pc , i liked the original better with alt = jump and ctrl = action and such

that was so much better

28th Nov 2006, 21:12
i hate it for the pc , i liked the original better with alt = jump and ctrl = action and such

that was so much better

Try playing using both the keyboard and the mouse. People say it helps. :)
No offence there. I played the game usin the KB & the M and didn't have any problems with maneuvering Larka.