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21st Nov 2006, 13:00
hello all

I dnt know if it is possible but i have messed up the level i think. Im at the part just after getting excalibur and i have used it to blast the door open. Now my problem is that i shot the stone causing the platforms to collapse earlier in the level.

Now i have done that I find im stuck as I have no idea where im supposed to go. I can make the jump to the platform to the left and then turn 90'o right and make the jump to the larger platform but then it collapses as im looking round and i die.

I relay hope someone knows how to clear this as getting this close to what I guess is the end and getting stuck has really put a downer on what has been so far a great game to play.


21st Nov 2006, 21:11
So this is your first run at this level right:confused: As in, are you continuing the adventure:confused:

I'm not sure if this is a bug - so you were able to make it at the point when you make it to the last rock right:confused: Or the 2nd last rock? And the last one just collapes too early - is that what you mean?

I can't tell if it's a bug or not 'cause sometimes, we think it is - I even thought it was but I realized myself I needed to pick up the pace - AND SNAP I feel sorry for you:( the PSP version lags so bad on that level and loads sooo loong.

22nd Nov 2006, 03:29
So you are saying you do not have all the platforms because some collapsed before you went in and got Excalibur? Assuming it is the same as the other versions you will have to take the right hand route which is a bit harder.
When you get onto the stairs go up, drop down from where you initially jumped and then hang from the end as if you had jumped across from the collapsing platforms, the cutscene should start. Do not go through any other checkpoints ie: the one on the stairs when you first came into the large area with statue, if you leave and go through another checkpoint you will have to go back to a save game

22nd Nov 2006, 09:20
thanks aussie am gonna try that route as thers no way to go if u go the other way.

Just gotta time the jumps right and deal with an awkward camera.