View Full Version : FFXIV: Error 401

9th Oct 2013, 05:06
Hi, i know a lot of people are getting this Error 401 thing, it seems to be a problem with the country registered, the billing of the CC used the moment to pay the game or even if you are paying the game from another dif country the one set on the account, support assist is just USELESS, email support USELESS, phone took me 3 hours to take my call just to tell me the same BS as email support, and chat suport is very slow and they wotn solve anything.

Is any 1 else getting this Error 401? or even the 601? i ve been told that if i get this error is almost a lost battle, and prolly had to buy the game again,

9th Oct 2013, 06:44
Since you give no idea what 'BS' you think you were told then not really any idea what you hope someone to tell you. There are many threads on the game forums about this, and a long 'sticky' here: