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ez rider
20th Nov 2006, 22:45
hi there
in Wolf's Den i disabled the alarms, got me the relic and keys, went down the basement where i found only 3 men, in resistence outfit
all i have to do now is get to my team and lead them upstairs
but where's my team?
on the 1st floor is a door that gives a video cutscene, but remains closed
reaching the 2nd floor via the stairs there's also a closed door
(where the 3 freed prisoners are waiting for me to open it :D)
my keys don't seem to work and i seem to be stuck
any idea? thanks:)r

21st Nov 2006, 08:45
From the top of my head:

You can find your team in the basement. They are not really near the 3 men you wrote about.

Let me explain the route you have to walk. First you go down the stairs into the basement. Then in front of you are the cellars with the men you can free. But you have to go LEFT, totally left. Walk to the end and go through a couple of doors. I hope you can find it out now.

I think there's also a youtube movie of this map I uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Search youtube with the keywords: speedrun commandos strike force (can't give link atm, am at work).

Good luck!

ez rider
21st Nov 2006, 12:42
that was easy enough
amazing how i overlooked that door
thanks for the help Konnan :)

22nd Nov 2006, 07:40
No problem :).