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Dutch Jester
20th Nov 2006, 01:45
Okay i was wondering if anyone that has an xbox 360 has gotten any of the Burger King games yet,let me know (because i want to race somone on Xbox Live) and if you havent go get em they are sweet little mini games for 4 dollar.

20th Nov 2006, 05:29
what kind of games are they?

Dutch Jester
21st Nov 2006, 01:14
1 is like mario kart another is with bumper cars like you play hockey and stuff and these are both playable on Xbox Live and then there is some single player one that is called the Sneak King.

Alpha Wolfgang
15th Dec 2006, 02:05
LOL... i love the comercials of the King.

anyone else here really really incredibly dissapointed with gears of war?!?!?

Splinter cell DA didnt seem as good as chaos theory either! i miss the coop knifing!!!

also, has anyone played operation flashpoint? they should make a #2 for 360!!! i love simulation warfare! its wayyyy underlooked in the 360 realm.

Huxley looks pretty good, but the combat style might drag it down a bit... can you fly on that game? id like to fly a troop transport gunship if possible...

15th Dec 2006, 14:04
GOW is on my Christmas list. I have seen some comments on the BK games but the only review I have seen is for teh sneaky king game and it was bad. So far my favorite game for teh 360 is Lego's Star Wars II.
I did want Star TRek; Legacy but I hear it is really bad so I guess I will continue to play with the Star Trek mod for Nexus..

Alpha Wolfgang
16th Dec 2006, 05:26
for me, GOW was onlyu interesting for 5 days, i suggest you rent it before blowing 60 bucks... save that 60 for BM!

well, GOW does have a fun side, but its mostly limited... i do love stompin heads and chainsawing though... ya can never get sick of that.

Crazy Nut BE
16th Dec 2006, 11:29
I'm still waiting for my vision cam so I can play some GOW online.

16th Dec 2006, 13:44
i do love stompin heads and chainsawing though... ya can never get sick of that.

Which is why Dead Rising is also on my list ;)

Vicious 21
16th Dec 2006, 17:42
GOW is a game everyone with a xbox360 should have. Also if you are on this site then I would guess that you are someone who enjoys strategy in there games instead of pure running and gunning I which case you won't be sorry you bought gears.

Alpha Wolfgang
17th Dec 2006, 21:37
yeah, thats the fun part of gears, i like how every team members death is tragic and every kill is wonderful... but those stupid torque bows ruin most my games... i guess im into massive battles, im not too fond of small 1v1 things.