View Full Version : Final Fantasy VIII problems

19th Nov 2006, 16:55
Hi Everybody
First id like to tell Eidos Thx for All The Super Cool Games Ya All r Da Best :)
Well yesterday i bouth a Final Fantasy VIII PC Version I Instelled it But i GOt Texture And Grafic Problems (Bcoz i Have a Geforce 5500 FX 256) I was Looking Arround the net and i found that theres a Patch 'Patch 1,2' That can Fix That Problems i did Find All Patches (ENG - DE - USA - UK) but i didnt Find The Spanish One bcoz i got a spanish ff8 Plz if ya can catch it For me , im really afan of Final Fantasy that why i would be so happy if some1 tell me Where i can Find a 1,2 Patch Spanish Version :confused: Thanks

19th Nov 2006, 17:51
Eidos didn't publish Final Fantasy 8 + wrong forum.