View Full Version : Problem changing outfits!

19th Nov 2006, 16:29
How can I get Lara to wear a different outfit when playing Peru? I made it through Bolivia ok. Then I do believe I was given the option of changing outfits for Peru. I did like the Union Jack and actually had her wearing the Sport outfit while in Peru. Now after a few saves I can no longer get her to change out of the default Legend outfit. I even did a non-time trial replay and still was not given the option of a new outfit for Peru. I can only wear these outfits in Croft Manor and on a replay but not on the next level? Selecting an outift in the Extras menu does not lock it into the game. Is it supposed to? If not then why have the outfits in the Extras menu? What gives? :scratch: How do I get Lara to wear the Union Jack (for example) in Peru? Do I need to re-install the game to get this to work properly?


19th Nov 2006, 22:55
Just before the level starts you should be able to change her outfits by clicking on 'change outfit' button. Or something that at least indicates changing her outfit. You can wear all your unlocked outifts in the Manor, yes. You can't change her outfit by clikcing on it in the 'extras menu' however. It's just a preview of what the outfit looks like, and what outfits you don't have which = '???'. You shouldn't have to reinstall. After all it's not of the utmost importance to change her outfit is it?

But my other guess is this: you might have to complete the whole game in order to change outfits if you replay levels... Such as a time trial.

20th Nov 2006, 19:47
I didn't _notice_ the clothing choice until I had reached the "Complete" stage of the game. I was able to wear alternate outfits "at home" (manor), but no luck going out in "public" -- at least until I "completed".

Now, it's been most fun hitting the world's adventure spots in my ripped Red Dress :-}. Perfect outfit for the "Femme", yet free-spirit world adventure. And who'd dare make lewd comments, with her wearing her trademark dual pistols! :-)

Too bad I can't select footwear, the bare feet get gold in the Arctic areas, not to mention the hazard of stepping on old bones. High heels, maybe something modest, say 2.5-3" (~ 6.5-7.5 cm) would be fun, though that would cause the animators more work if they did it right, altering the body walk & movement mechanics.


21st Nov 2006, 01:48
Completed Croft Manor with all rewards. Went to her bedroom closet and discovered additionally a dark suit, a cream suit and the black legend outfit. Of course I had to parade her out in front of the windows to take a good look at her. Note: with next gen graphics on, while wearing the cream suit, she turns into a dark skinned person. Switch next gen off and she is fair skinned again. interesting. I do like those suits. However a bit too nice for our lady's bush adventuring. So I went back to the Union Jack outfit. Saved my rewards. (which added to my Peru percentage) And without exiting Croft Manor, went from there directly to Peru by selecting "Load". Voila! She is now wearing the Union Jack outfit in Peru and I haven't completed squat of that level yet. So it is possible after all. And not just during a level replay as everyone says. kewl.:p By the way had dreams of busty red heads last night, hmm.