View Full Version : Stuck in peru!!!

19th Nov 2006, 14:05
Am stuck at the bit where u need 2 use the balls to put on the ground so the light comes out the eyes of the statue. But i can get the third ball from the wall. How do u do that????????????

someone help plz

19th Nov 2006, 14:28
Are you talking about the first ball on top of the pillar/statue nearest to where you enter the large chamber? If you are then you need to topple the statue to get the ball - use your grapple on the panel on the front (near the top) and pull. You might need to go into targeting mode to get the grapple on target.

19th Nov 2006, 14:29
Oh - and if you are talking about the other ball that is placed high up then you need to climb up and push it off. If I remember rightly you need to have placed one ball on the right hand panel before you can climb up.