View Full Version : Problem with legend

Rick C
19th Nov 2006, 02:16
I'm in Japan and trying to get in the building. I've made it through all the signs and climb the last pole where I'm supposed to grab several horizontal poles and swing to the last balcony. Lara will not grab the first horizontal pole and falls every time no matter what I try. Any help will be appreciated.

19th Nov 2006, 03:26
Are you pointing the analog stick towards the pole?

19th Nov 2006, 08:01
I'm having exactly the same problem (playing on the PSP). I feel like I have tried everything, but Lara will just NOT make that first jump. I have faced her in the right direction with the analog stick, tried moving the camera behind her, tapped X, pressed and held X, tried the grapple whilst jumping, tried jumping before Zip talks to her, after he talks, etc, etc, etc. I thought I had tried all sensible combos of direction, jump, camera view etc, but obviously there is one I am missing, because one must work....mustn't it?????

I'm currently trying to slide down the pole when zip says it is going to break so that I can jump off at the bottom and try again once it has broken in the hope it has moved nearer the horizontal bar and I can actually reach it!!!! I'm pretty certain this isn't the solution but I am running out of options, I've lost count of the number of times Lara has attempted the jump to that first horizontal pole and fallen to her death.

If there something I am missing? I think there must be something obvious I am not doing as I can't believe this one part of the game is so hard compared to the rest so far. Any help would be appreciated.

19th Nov 2006, 08:53
OK - I finally got it after going back and trying a few dozen more times... the trick is (and I was failing badly with this) NOT TO TRY SO HARD!!!!! When you jump onto the vertical pole at the bottom leave Lara facing the direction she lands in - i.e. so that she has her back is to the horizontal poles once she has climbed to the top. When Zip says the pole is going to break all you need to do is TAP [X], DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT hold/move/tweak/tap/push/pull or in any other way interact with the analog joystick. If you do this (which just didn't feel right) Lara will do all the work for you and reach and grab hold of the horizontal pole. Swinging from horizontal pole to horizontal pole is then very easy, you'll make the balcony and *phew* there is a checkpoint when you enter the door....

...finally I can continue with the game.