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18th Nov 2006, 18:31
Any Idea ? With My Problem :mad:


grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :mad2:

25th Nov 2006, 07:54
Almost a week old and no response. Here's mine, from the looks of it justcause.exe crashed. Good luck figuring out what caused it. This game along with others I bought recently (within the last year) are craptacular upon the initial release. We (consumers) need to get together and hire a lawyer. For us to play a game we BUY we have to agree to some long winded EULA. However us as consumers have no legal recourse if the product we buy is defective. Funny, if I buy a car and it has the same flaw 3 times it's considered a lemon. However if I buy a game that craps out 3 times with the same flaw then I'm out $50 (presuming I bought the title at launch). If you want to make a XBox 360 game then keep it at that. Don't bother changing a few lines of code and selling it on the PC. If you want to make a PC game then make one, don't give me some half ***** attempt. I just purchased a game from a different developer that has a lot of the same problems. While this isn't directly related it is overall, make a game that works damnit.

25th Nov 2006, 08:31