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17th Nov 2006, 22:38
is this game going to have authentic weapons loadouts like a fletcher having 2 banks of 5 torpedoes instead of 6 as listed in the info blurb on the ships page

also are the japanese long lance(24" type 93 torpedoes)going to have a much bigger bang than everybody elses 21"torpedoes and longer range

18th Nov 2006, 00:38
for the Fletcher’s guns, i would say that whatever they have on the official site is what is going into the game.
as for the torps (or anything else for that matter) i have no idea, but i am sure they will try to get as much as possible right, and in the grand scheme of things, them messing up on the number of torps isn't that big a problem

P.S. your right, i looked it up, the Fletcher has 2 banks of 5, not 6

20th Nov 2006, 16:14
Fletcher Class

The largest single class of U.S. destroyers with 175 ships built, the Fletchers were the first "big" destroyers built for the U.S. Navy and fully broke from the treaty restrictions that had hampered earlier designs. The large increase in size over previous classes allowed a substantial increase in AA armament without reducing the main battery or torpedo loads. Because of their flush-deck design, the Fletchers were mainly stationed in the Pacific while the earlier forecastle designs were mainly sent to the Atlantic. Many Fletchers continued in service after the war and even through the 1960's.

Launch: First launched 1942
Displacement: 2325 tons 2924 tons full load
Length: 376ft 5in
Beam: 39ft 7in
Draft: 13ft 9in
Max Speed: 38 knots
Endurance: 6,500 nm (15 kt)
Armor: Side 0.75in Deck 0.5in
Guns: 5x5in/38 dual-purpose
AA: 5x40mm twin Bofors 7x20mm Oerlikons
Torpedo tubes: 2x5 21in