View Full Version : BO1 Select screen symbols?

16th Nov 2006, 20:49
Anyone have any idea what the symbols up the left side of the screen mean? In BO1, on the 'inventory' screen where you choose from your spells, weapons, armor, etc. it looks like an ascending gauge of some sort as the bottom square is a different color than all the rest but it never changes. I've always wondered what those were for.

17th Nov 2006, 09:28
I think it has to do with how many Pillars you've restored.

19th Nov 2006, 20:51
:scratch: Hmm never really noticed that before I'll have to throw the disc in to check it out .;)

23rd Nov 2006, 18:02
Well finally tossed the disc in last night and playedup to the first Pillar being restored and yep it does show you that you have restored a pillar . It went from a grey to a gold color. Kool:)

28th Nov 2006, 00:51
"sigh" Well so much for playing Morrowwind . I now gotten into the game again. So addictive this game.:D

2nd Dec 2006, 04:00
Thanks for that, Dragonfly! I suppose I should have checked that out myself before now but I just have a hard time getting motivated these days (that and I'm busy playing other games).

14th Apr 2007, 05:43
Somewhat related, as im not as hardcore as some people, but the symbols themselves and the symbols on the stone henge areas and so on, ive never squinted enough to bother but are they releated?
what about the clan symbols in soul reaver. and just what are the symbols anyway ha ha, its not that nosgoth blood script is it?

i'm currently on a marathon completed blood omen for the first time in years over the past 2 days and about to start blood omen 2 again,

Irmok the Mad
26th May 2007, 08:13
What?! Blood Omen more addictive than Morrowind? You're mad! Madder than I!

-crippknottick the green ranger

27th May 2007, 14:04
:rasp: Actually I haven't got back into Morrowind yet, been playing some of the other games. just finished Quake2 and thief 3 now I'm on the lost world.:p