View Full Version : Xbox glitch? If you 'do' the Prison too late.

15th Nov 2006, 12:30
WARNING: POSSIBLE GLITCH (XBOX): If you like a complete game and therefore intend going to the prison at some stage, don't leave it too late.

I had placed 4 of the 5 artifacts. Before going to South Quarter to place the eye, I allowed myself to get caught as I'd not been to prison yet.
I got through the prison fine (NB there were statues in there) but could not exit, either up the ladder, or through the main gate. I got to the misty "do you want to leave ...." areas, clicked YES, and it froze.
I tried everything (even deleting the whole game from the hard drive and reloading only the pre-prison save (cos only one save would fit on my memory card!!! But that's an Xbox issue), and replaying the prison. So I reckon it's a glitch - you cannot do the prison once you get to this 'only the eye to place' stage. Or possibly even from the start of the final mission (I've been through that prison so many times now I couldn't face trying it from an earlier stage of the final mission.)