View Full Version : Friendly Fire

12th Nov 2006, 18:36
Since I know this is going to be asked: I did not use any kind of cheats/hacks in the game at all.

I'm encountering a fairly odd problem on the PC version of the game. I'm working on my rep with the Guerrillas so I grab a mission at the base with the Anti-Air launchers I use the grappling hook to grab a Guerrilla helicopter and fly off towards the objective, about midway there I notice there are several rockets in the air, far enough away that I didn't think they were tracking me. I kill the guy for the mission head back to base and right as I'm about to land, 6 rockets tear through my chopper. I load my save and grab a chopper and fly it to the base and promptly get blown out of the sky. I load again, and this time I notice the chopper overhead (which has been friendly towards me throughout the entire game until this point) is firing at me and hitting me once every 50 rounds or so. I tried loading all of my other saves, but the same thing is happening the friendly factions are shooting at me, and I can't seem to stop them. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of a way that I can fix this?