View Full Version : how to restart level

11th Nov 2006, 15:27
does any one know how to restart a level without restarting whole game?

11th Nov 2006, 16:53
Hi pheonix. You can restart any level that you've completed. With regard to your post about the serpent, this means that you have not completed the England level, and therefore cannot restart that level. You can restart the previous level because you've completed it. If you have been saving at checkpoints, you could go back to a previous save. I would start by saving where you are now to make sure you can at least load that save and get back to where you are right now. I don't have Legend available to me at the moment, but I think you select "load game" then "replay level" is an option. Someone else can give the exact instructions. If you are playing on Windows, you could load save games from http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7. Good luck.