View Full Version : Different versions?

Dutch Jester
11th Nov 2006, 01:56
Ok i know this is a stupid question:mad2: , but are the PC and 360 version going to be different:confused: ? Because Xbox Live is making a thing that should come out around Decemberish where people playing on PC can play with people on Xbox:D .

USS Massachusetts
11th Nov 2006, 03:12
One there is never a stupid question. Two, I don't think the PC and XBOX360 versions will be different other than multiplayer and graphics. But thats all I've been hearing. Anything can change.

Dutch Jester
11th Nov 2006, 05:45
ok thank you because i was getting confused and didnt really know:p

11th Nov 2006, 17:20
Plus both will not hit until Feb or mar 2007.