View Full Version : need some help with fan mission

the taffer
9th Nov 2006, 03:31
I posted in the wrong section, mybe thats why no one responded. I need some help with my fan mission to see if im getting off on the right foot.

10th Nov 2006, 01:33
You have to load the script GEN as well as CONVICT. (The tutorial you read is kinda old.)

Make the PlayerFactory link to Garrett -- with two 'T's.

You have to reportalize and update pathfinding.

There was a full moon this past week, of course you're going to have problems. Just wait a bit for the spirits to calm down.

Oh, and maybe give is some hints as to what the real problem is. (Just a suggestion.)

the taffer
10th Nov 2006, 02:15
I was working on a previous FM and I did not make my outdoor brushes size 14, inside 13, doors 13, etc. and it was hard to work with. I also made some other mistakes such as adding detail to rooms as I made them. It was a bad idea because when I messed up on a room, I had to do a lot more work. I was hoping someone could take a look at my FM pretty soon to see how its doing. Test some of it out and give some feedback. I do not want to start another FM and find out half way that I made a big error, then have to restart.