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6th Nov 2006, 10:04
Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone had the same problem running the game on a Laptop...

It runs fine in any resolution (up to 1600x1200) but on all it seems to have a graphic stuttering effect, I have turned off all the special effects and put the graphic settings low and it still has the same effect... Any idea's? is a patch required?

Here's my spec;

256Mb GeForce Go 7900 GTX

Don't have the problem with any other game (running on full specs!)


6th Nov 2006, 13:06
laptops aren't supported dude. :(

6th Nov 2006, 17:03
I have the same problem and don't have laptop DUDE

15th Nov 2006, 05:29
I have a studdering problem too:

System is a AMD 2.4ghz 64-bit 4000+
2048MB of Ram
256MB Nvidia 7600GT

Def. not a laptop

16th Nov 2006, 00:38
I have a laptop, and it runs fine up to an hour or so.

17th Jan 2007, 21:09
i have a PC, Nvidia Geforce 7300 256meg graphics card andstill it does this. just cause sucks.

23rd Jan 2007, 07:32
Uninstalled the damn game, similar hitching problem on QX6700 quad core @ 3.47, 8800GTX SLI, 2 Gig DDR 1066 Corsair Dominator, even Oblivion runs like a dream at 1920x1200 so sure its a game issue as this is the only one showing this effect

23rd Jan 2007, 17:37
Have exactly the same issue on Athlon 3700+, 1GB of ram, Geforce 7900GTX.
It plays fine on maximum settings till about 20 sometimes 10 minutes through and then starts stuttering for no reason every 5-10 seconds (lowering settings to absolute minimum as a joke didn't help either). It's surely a game issue and it has to be resolved soon before I stop buying EIDOS game completely.

24th Jan 2007, 01:48
so....uh.....can we stop being jerked around here and have somebody from this darn company post a viable solution or are we just going to keep *****ing at how the game stutters even on the lowest settings. COME ON!!!!! :mad2:
It goes without saying that this is REDICULOUS! I am willing to bet that they DON'T read the forums or give a crap.

19th Feb 2007, 22:24
:mad2: Not sure what's going on!! I'm running the game on a fairly high-end rig (spec below). After about 60 to 90 minutes the game starts stuttering, with choppy framerate and sound, with basically a slide show. Shutting down and restarting the game fixes the issue for the next 60 minutes or so...All drivers are up to date. Same issue with or without the AMD DualCore Optimizer. I haven't seen this problem with any other titles I play. Is there a solution to this problem?


Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe/ AMD64 X2 4800+ Toledo w/ Zalman CNPS9500-LED Cooling / OCZ Titanium 2GB DDR400 2-3-2-5 1T/ ATI X1900 XTX / WD Raptor 150GB SATA1 / 2 x WD Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2 / Antec NeoHE 550W / NEC 16X DVD±R DVD 3550A / Samsung 930B LCD / Logitech THX Z-5300e / Nostromo N52

Master Gamer
25th Feb 2007, 21:28
Strange , i never had any stuttering when playing on my system?\/

Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4

2X512MB DDR2 800 (pc6400) at 5-5-5-15

Ati Radeon x1950 512MB

And your specs are more than enough to run the game....

BTW Nice latencies i could never get my ddr to go that tight...

25th Feb 2007, 22:37

28th Feb 2007, 23:15
my system runs it with ease!

pentium 4 2.9ghz
1.5gb ram
ati 256mb x850xt pe

but i bet i wouldnt be able to play the game if i still had norton anti virus software. it really does effect certain games!:scratch:

4th Mar 2007, 22:51
Has anyone come up with a solution to this problem or done any serious troubleshooting?

Some people seem to be able to play the game without stuttering, some experience the problem after playing for a few minutes to an hour, using medium to high-end machines.

Do y'all think the issue can be somewhat hardware related,

- caused by a specific CPU architecture (Dual core vs single core, Intel vs. AMD)?

- caused by a specific memory type and size?

- caused by a specific graphic adapter or drivers (ATI vs Nvidia)?

- caused by a specific version of Windows (XP SP1, XP SP2, 64bit, Vista)?

- caused by a specific Windows configuration (size of paging file, )?

- caused by a specific applications & services running in Windows while playing the game?

Any ideas?:scratch:

26th Mar 2007, 18:18
Kill the sidebar AND try an ATI card. I dumped my NVIDIA cos the Vista performance drop using the Nvidia drivers is terrible. In benchmarks on my system, perf on my nvidia card was up to 40% lower in Vista to XPsp2 (I have it dual booting). ATI card was only averaging 10% lower... Try it on Dual boot and see if it works fine on XPSP2.....

Frag Maniac
9th Jun 2007, 00:09
Please anyone whom has this gradual build up of stuttering and lag report your system spec as others have. They say the game was tested on 6000 and 7000 series Nvidia cards and it should run with full settings enabled on the mid to high end 7000 series. After reading this and playing 3/4 way through the game I would say that is maybe for about 3 liberations at best, then the stutter and lag starts.

I have a P4 3.0 CPU, X800XT and 1 GB RAM. My theory is that the game's procedural rendering engine which renders areas of the map you are in on the fly accumulates too much texture cache and shader overload with no level loading or "force restart" to dump the video RAM, free up the cache, or ease the shader engine which may cause the problem.

In my experience the only thing that cures it is exiting to desktop frequently, exiting the game while still in the game menu does not solve it. I would like to see them put in a force restart or video RAM dump option that would engage when you manually save. This problem is too big a tradeoff for having no levels to load.

I have emailed Avalanche about this as I feel it is unlikely Eidos will do anything about it. It's getting pretty sad that so many devs now do minimal testing with specific types of test beds then leave all the support to publishers that can only give very minimal common sense help on installing and such.

This is no doubt due to the trend of consoles becoming the easy platforms to write for which makes the devs reluctant and negligent as far as PC testing and support.

11th Jun 2007, 22:29

I think the problem is with the 256MB of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards how ?

I played the game with my Intel gma 900 which has 128MB onboard. With 3D analyze which auto selects the options for you just find the justcause.exe to play the game.

So when i used my Intel integrated graphics card I found out that it looked the same my card pny 6200 256MB PCI only. Only the nvidia nad blue texture weird lines on the sky when i was on the ground as soon as i got into a helicopter they had stopped appearing so it could be the card Nvidia series 6 and 7 thats causing the problem. :D

14th Jun 2007, 09:30
I'm also getting stuttering as well,
I'm also getting things like someone yelling at me "Stop citizen" ETC and there's no one around.:mad2:
Eidos needs to make a patch for Just Cause.