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5th Nov 2006, 23:53
I am having the same problem as vampirechris as stated in a previous thread. My game will loop the starting cinematic and won't let me stop it. I am using a Dual Processor computer so my problem should be fixed with the answer in the FAQ section. Unfortunately, the problem goes beyond that. Whenever I try to CTRL+ALT+DEL my way out of the program it won't let me. It will flash the Task Manager panel for a second and then put me right back into the game. The Task Manager is up because I can see it when I attempt to Tab-out but it just won't let me switch to it. I just keep getting sent back into the game.

I'm pretty sure turning off one of the processors will fix the problem with the cinematics, but until I am able to actually stay on the Task Manager screen so I can do that, I'm basically stuck.

I think opening the game in a windowed mode might be able to fix the tabbing problem but I'm not exactly sure how to go about that.

28th Nov 2006, 01:56
Hi sevence06

There's a bit different of what I am doing in the post and yours.
My way is press Ctril+Alt+Del first (not start the game first)... then goto the "Processes" Tab to ready (also I am suggested that you better sort the order by click on the "Image Name" first and scroll down to the "T" starting name)...

double click on the thief3.exe, and soon you will see T3.exe will display on the list, right click it, press "Shift A" (Set Affinity...)... quickly un-tick the CPU 1... click Ok or press ENTER... just about in a second, T3Main.exe will appear and do the same thing... you don't have to close the task manager, just let the game start and it should 100% work !

just practice more to get the shortest time ~~!