View Full Version : Please tell me how to use Mods?

Marshall Thomas
3rd Nov 2006, 19:52
Hi- I'm trying to use the Battle Mod ver 1.2. I've never used a mod before, only patches. I don't know how to properly install this mod. Would someone please help me by giving me some step by step instructions? Thanks in advance

4th Nov 2006, 03:19
1. Use a program like WinRAR to unpack the file data.pak first and then the file data1.pak. Make sure to unpack the first file completely and then unpack the second file after. Each file will take some minutes to unpack.

This will create a bunch of folders in your main IG directory:


2. Rename "data.pak" to "data.pak.bak" and then rename "data1.pak" to "data1.pak.bak". Make sure to do this step or else the game will not use the new unpacked folders and the files within.

3. At this point, you may want to back up your entire IG directory.

4. Copy the BattleModv12 file to the main IG directory and unzip it. When prompted, let the unzip program overwrite any files that it wants to overwrite.

5. That's it, you're done. A good mod, I use it myself with some of my modifications to it.

Good luck!

Marshall Thomas
4th Nov 2006, 12:37
Thanks for the instructions. I'm going to apply the BattleMod ver1.2 the next time I have some time.

How do you like BattleMod 1.2? How do it's changes effect overall gameplay? Does it make IG more of a challege? Do you recommend any other mod? Thanks in advance

4th Nov 2006, 17:00
The BattleMod mod makes the battles last longer and increases the range of the weaponry which I think was too short in the vanilla version.

But beware, because the force units have more men, it takes longer for the unit to deploy in whatever formation you want it to deploy in. That means earlier planning of deployment of your forces on the battlefield.

I also tweaked the setting for militia to make them a bit weaker and a bit less harder for them to initiate melee against regular troops.

Also try the smoke mod available at the same place you downloaded Battlemod. It increases the amount of smoke on the battlefield and makes for a more realistic Napoleonic battle atmosphere.

Marshall Thomas
5th Nov 2006, 01:06
Does the BattleMod ver1.2 make a signifigant difference on the strategic map?