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3rd Nov 2006, 13:02
A freind of mine emailed me after we had both recently bought copies of Tomb Raider Legends and in his email he said "Great isn't it? Doesn't she look nice or what?" Rather than just firing back a usual reply of "Yeah sure" I gave it some thought and my reply was a a bit more in depth. My freind has convinced me that I ought to share the content with you so here's what I replied:

"I remember...

...my very first PC. Bought, not because I really needed to be into computers but because I'd heard of this phenomenon called Lara Croft. The first thing I ever did with a PC was to load Tomb Raider (the first one) and was gobsmacked as to how good the game was. No to call it a game does it an injustice let's call it an 'experience'.

...as a result of owning my PC I learned how to use it, learned some of the Microsoft applications and how they worked. As a direct consequence I now have the job that I'm currently doing. Had I not met Lara Croft I'd still be doing a dead end job in Maidstone, Kent. And earning a lot less money too.

...As a result of earning more money my wife decided it was time for her to give up work and for us to start a family so, if it hadn't been for Lara, then my 2 daughters wouldn't be here and we wouldn't have moved to the fantastic house in which we now live.

To see what they did to Lara in 'TR Angel of Darkness' was a travesty, run through the pap factory and a poor excuse for a game was churned out. To me Lara had died...

...but now 'TR Legends'. She's back, not just in all her glory but bigger and better than ever. A level of interaction that again draws me to my PC to continue the love affair that I thought I'd lost.

Nice? Nice doesn't come close to describing the flush of excitement, the thrill of being able to dominate the only avatar with it's own unique and iconic personality.

Lara changed my life.

So, to answer your question, Yeah she's a bit of alright.



3rd Nov 2006, 14:47
Hi Falco. It's great to hear that you've had such a positive experience with Lara Croft. I'm sure you'll enjoy Lara Croft and your family for many years to come.

For me, one thing I learned from Lara was perseverance (sp?). I was stuck at a water puzzle of some kind way back in TR2 or TR3. I refused to check a walkthrough (well, Lara highly discouraged me from doing so :p), and finally at around 3 AM I discovered what I had overlooked. That was a relief!

Olgerth Heidern
3rd Nov 2006, 15:47
Funny how things work out.

But, if not for Lara, I would've never met one of my best friends, and never would've tried my hand at writing.

3rd Nov 2006, 15:59
Very cool, Falco. Im happy to hear about that :)

3rd Nov 2006, 16:25
she changed my life too.:rolleyes: :D

3rd Nov 2006, 17:14
she changed my life too.:rolleyes: :D

And me

3rd Nov 2006, 18:52
That's a lovely story, Falco. :) Yours and mine are sort of similar.

Lara changed my life, she changed everything. The game was so fantastic that I had to see everything I could about her. It led me to searching far and wide for pictures, sounds, movies, anything I could find about her from all over the world and in the internet.

One day that search led me to this fine forum, albeit an earlier simpler version of it. Here I met several really wonderful people. We laughed and talked with each other from our separate corners of the globe, and found out so much about each other, and became fast friends.

One of those people was so perfect, I flew around the world to meet and marry him. Lara was everywhere in our lives, and she still is.

We love her, and owe her our very happiness.

Thank you Core and Eidos for bringing her to us, and thank you Crystal Dynamics for carrying her on with us into our future. :)

3rd Nov 2006, 20:14
What a lovely story you have, Falco. I'm really happy for you and your family. By the way: Welcome aboard!
I had the similar fellings as you about "AoD" - I thought "TR" was dead and that I won't even want to play the sequel. "Legend" changed that.
But, alas, Lara was only a game character for me - nothing more. She didn't change my life in any way. Perhaps, it's for the better. Perhaps, something BIG awaits me.

4th Nov 2006, 21:36
Great to here so many of you have similar stories. I thought I might have been a bit of a muppet passing on the tale but it's really great of you to respond back so positively.

I was amazed to hear the tale from Catsuit & Ponytail, I thought my story was good but WOW! to have met someone through Lara is just surreal. It's the sort of thing you hear about in documentaries "People brought together by Lara Croft", or so my friend Zedarex tells me.

If anyone else has a similar stort I'd love to hear it.


7th Nov 2006, 20:25
Thanks for your story! I was just thinking, what I would really like to read is an interesting and original thread about Lara... and voila! Although I can't say that Lara has changed my life in such a big way, without her I'd probably not have had nearly as much fun in my spare time as I have since I discovered her, and that big poster of her up on my wall definitely wouldn't be there. And I don't think I would have developed my love of writing walkthroughs (all of them rubbish :p) and taking screenshots.