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2nd Nov 2006, 16:55
Hi all.

Now I've never made a mod before, but i think i might make one for Imperial Glory. Basically i wondered if anyone knew of any good software for the job or had any advice that might be useful.

I'm thinking to start small, maybe tweak some unit capabilities and economic systems, but then who knows?:D

anyhow, advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

4th Nov 2006, 17:49
If you want to edit unit attributes, download the DTEdit editor from the IG Fansite:

DTEdit IG editor (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=11)

General Theo
23rd Dec 2007, 14:24
well i think im an idiot but
how do i change this stuff
pls an answer for noobs