View Full Version : T3 crashes on grate level in Orlands Office

31st Oct 2006, 13:41
When I load this level (Orlands Office - Grate) it crashes after about 20% of the load, Ive tried everything, patches dont load. Ive tried knocking of one of my two processors and still no go. I bought it off a direct download.
I would appreciate any help


My specs are 2gb ram, 2x 7200rpm Drives, Nvidia go 6800.

1st Nov 2006, 02:26
I presume you are loading one of your own save games, correct? If not, please explain. Sometimes saves get corrupted. Do you have an earlier save? Then why not load it and go from there?

1st Nov 2006, 03:47
D2D Seems to have a lot of problems. This is about the 5th or 6th about crashing on portal changes.

You cannot patch the Downloaded game, nor can you use any of the Modifications, such as Minimal etc.

Check the Version number. It should be patched already and be Ver. 1.1

1st Nov 2006, 07:50
D2D? What did I miss?:confused:

1st Nov 2006, 19:54
D2D is a Disc to Disc purchase of a program. In this case you buy TDS via download.

There is a company called D2D, as I recall, but the D2d shorthand has been around for a while. :)

3rd Nov 2006, 13:04
Hi guys, the version is 1.0. No patch will load on it. Ive tried knocking off a processor and still no go. Ive tried entering from a different load aswell, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance