View Full Version : Can My Pc Run This Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th Oct 2006, 15:33
My Pc configaration:

Pentium 4 -2.8ghz
Ram-512mb DDR
PCI Express- ATI X300 (256 Hypermemory)64mb on board.
OS-Windows Xp Pro (SP2)
Motherboard- Asus P5RD1VM
Sound Card- Creative Audigy LS

Plz anyone help me ????????

30th Oct 2006, 16:24
It should work fine, to be sure you can try the demo or visit: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest

6th Mar 2008, 10:57
Please help me. Please reply as soon as possible.
My hardware spec.

Pentium IV 3.07 GHz Hyper-Threading Technology
VGA Card ATi Radeon X300SE 128mb --> 512mb Hyper memory
OS Windows XP SP2

I have already met that game's requirements ( readme ), but when I run Conflict : denied Ops That is a dialog say " your hardware does not meet the game requred standard" Then the red one is my VGA Card, what I must do to run this game ?