View Full Version : XBOX 360 - Can't liberate final city as contact not there!

30th Oct 2006, 09:19
Anyone got any suggestions for this weirdness?

I've liberated every settlement/cartel except for the southern part of the capital city (where the honkin' big statue is) - I had one go but got blown to kingdom come. Now whenever I go back to find the contact to try again, he's not there - his little collection of crates and stuff is right where it's supposed to be, but matey boy himself is nowhere to be found. I've scouted round, been up in the gyrocopter and searched around but nothing - can't see any green arrows in the sky or anything. I know that sometimes a contact can get displaced by gunfire/missiles (especially outside a military base) and you have to go find them, but they always pop back into the right place if you go away and come back later. This one doesn't.

I've done the "clearing the cache" thing, powered off, reloaded, gone to the other side of the map, all to no avail - he just won't reappear. Is there any way I can get him back?
I don't have any earlier saves I can go back to - not one which doesn't require me liberating two thirds of the map again, anyway - as I wasn't expecting the game to go wrong! I can put up* with lock-ups, side missions you can't complete, liberations that bomb out for no reason, vehicles that don't touch the ground and so on, but this really is annoying!

Any suggestions?

* I can put up with all that, but I shouldn't have to - maybe the QC/playtest department need a stiff talking to...

After the game being like that for four or five days, last night I decided to at least get the other achievements. After doing a bunch of side missions I ended up back in the vicinity of the city, so I headed over on the off-chance - and wouldn't you know it, the little scamp is right back where he's supposed to be! One dead-easy liberation later and it's "job done". Talk about weird.

25th Aug 2007, 21:33
I had the same problem until just a few moments ago. I couldn't find the rebel soldier that begins the liberation, so i flew around the city looking for him and found a rebel soldier that gave me side missions to do (in the prison, he wasn't shown on the map). So i thought, what the hell, and proceeded to do a few side missions for him. After about 3 or 4 missions i got one where i had to kill a government soldier, so i killed him and went to meet the contact to finish the mission, when i met him, the achievement 'savior of San esperito' (sp?) popped up, i didn't even have to actually liberate the city..I was shocked..But pleased :) :D as i had spent days liberating every other province.

27th Nov 2007, 17:49
loL! all u have to do is do one side mission, then go to the place and the guy is there! i liberated it its REALLY easy if u nick a chopper, and blast every one with missiles!