View Full Version : Having a problem with sound

29th Oct 2006, 20:35
I downloaded this from D2Drive today, but when I'm playing and I get close to a guard I start getting the most god awful racket, just a sharp repeating sound over and over.

I have all the latest drivers, nothing running in the back ground, and as long as I'm not near a guard everthings fine.

29th Oct 2006, 21:39
This is very common with the D2D loads. You might contact them to see if they have any ideas.

The other is to make certain that if you have onboard sound and a add on card that only one is activated.

What sound application(s) are you using?

A list of your computer specs would also help.

Sound card/on board
Video card

Try a START>RUN>DXDIAG and run the sound tests. Make sure the sound device is your main controller and not the default MS device.

Also check the MSINFO tab on DXDIAG and check for conflicts etc on the ADVANCED setting.

Check in DEVICE MANAGER>HARDWARE and make sure you don't have any faults showing there.