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27th Oct 2006, 20:31
hello ...
I'm playing TB legend ... but I stopped in khazkstan level , when lara craft meeting her friend amnda and the wild animal (I suggest it's wild spider) attack lara . after I move the 4 handel of electricity and sit down on the magnitude chair , I shoot the wild spider with the gun's of chair ... the wild animal to be electrified between 2 baluster of electricity ... the life of wild animal decrease and stopped at the end when he is between baluster of electricity ... after moment the wild animal return his life full..........
I don't know how I kill the wild animal .... I pleased if you help me ...

Big regards to all members in the Edios forum and TR players around the world.

excuse me if my English not so good;)

27th Oct 2006, 20:53
Hi jwanleo. You are with the "unknown entity". You can't kill the unknown entity, you have to live with the unknown entity while you are trying to accomplish your mission. As you have seen, you can stun the unknown entity, but it soon comes back. Your mission is to retrieve a piece of Excalibur. You do this by moving the balls up by shooting them with the Tesla (sp?) gun. Once all four balls are up in place, get out of the chair, look up, and grapple the piece above you. All of this has to be done quickly. It's tricky, but you can do it. Good luck.

27th Oct 2006, 20:54
You don't have to kill it. After activating the four switches, use the gun on the four orbs that have been lowered. Once you have an electrical wall, quickly hop off the gun and throw the grapple on the sword fragment hanging over it. :)

27th Oct 2006, 21:36
thanx very much to TREEBLE & Ruum Taedor:)
I will trying the solve ..... and tell you what happen with me.