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25th Oct 2006, 18:03
First off, hi. Been waiting for this game for quite a while now, heard about it along time ago while playing another navy game which was in beta at the time.

So my main question is will there be any testing, closed or open for some extra testing before release?

25th Oct 2006, 18:58
For this title I have spoken to SCI. It appears testing is all internal.

2nd Nov 2006, 07:17
Was that other game by chance called NF{Navy Field}?:mad2:

12th Nov 2006, 15:55
I remember promoting Navy Field irregularly throughout the beta process and shortly into the release. I just hated that game with a passion due to the poor gameplay depth, large balance problems, insane grinding, bugs, unfinished items, and country biases. For example, you could get the second best BB (Yamato, the best of their tree being the Super Yamato) and best CV with one Japan BO, while other countries had regrind a second BO, absurd.

In addition, tried playing the game again recently, and every large battle is filled with battleships and carriers. Anything else is degraded to escorting the larger from torpedoes and bombers, what fun that is, unless you where in a Japanese torpedo whore. That aren't in supply anymore, but anyone with them loves firing their wide-sprays of fifty barely dodge able torpedoes across huge parts of the map.

Any case, hoping this game doesn’t get plagued by problems that could have been resolved during beta, like Navy Field, which still suffers till this day.