View Full Version : Holster guns

24th Oct 2006, 23:29
How can i get Lara to holster her guns so I can use my grapple. This is the spot where you are with Rutland and he jumps up unto the platforms to regenerate.

24th Oct 2006, 23:34
What platform you on?

24th Oct 2006, 23:45
Sorry, i'm on a pc

24th Oct 2006, 23:54
Ahh, ok. Well for me, I usually press 'Q' to grapple, which automatically holsters the weapons.. But if you want to holster your guns first, 'right click'. (Check your control options if you want to change them).

25th Oct 2006, 00:02
If you press G she'll holster her guns.
She does it when I press it ^^
good luck