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24th Oct 2006, 11:03

I've been playing this game on and off and seem to be stuck on a particular level. The one where the Sniper and the Green Beret defend the town from the panzers (coming across a bridge), the boats and the mortar attacks. I've tried several tactics such as placing mines on bridge first. then taking out mortars with Sniper and then GB down on the dock for the boats, I managed one of the panzers but then even with the panzerfaust can't take out the second :mad2:
Am I using the panzerfaust wrong or are there any tips you can offer?


24th Oct 2006, 11:13
Have you got the extra supplies of the bazooka ammo? It will take like 2 or 3 shots to take out a tank with it. You can find the ammunition in the building at the right from the bridge.