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22nd Oct 2006, 23:08
I decided to give IG a go again so I downloaded the patch and Battlemod v1.2.

1. So I got the message patch 1.1 installed, but when I go to play, it still says version 1.0 on the main game screen, is this correct?

2. I think I installed the Mod correctly because now colonels start with 5 open slots and the units have 100 men in them but it doesn't reference any mod as being installed on the IG main screen. It still looks like the AI produces a ton of militia, is this correct?

8th Dec 2006, 02:45
Can anyone please answer these questions? I believe I have the mod installed correctly, but the main screen says version 1.0. It says patch 1.1 has been installed.

Marshall Thomas
8th Dec 2006, 04:57
One way you can determine if the patch has been successfully installed is to start any battle and try to slow down or speed up the battle clock. This is done by pressing control + or control -. On the top right of your screen, you will notice that you can alter game speed from /8 to x8. You can't actually pause and give orders at the same time, but if you slow to /8, give a quick command then pause; then scroll while paused, unpause and give another command- this has the same effect really of being able to give commands while paused. Sometimes it's good to fight battles at a variety of different speeds. This is what makes the patch an essential.

Imperial Glory is really a fantastic game. Thats why is really is quite sad that it has not recieve any support from it's makers. I doubt a game this great has ever been abandoned so suddenly.

By the way, if you start as a strong empire like England, France, or Russia- you may whish to play on hard difficulty even for your first game. Easy difficulty is a waste of time and your campaign would not be a challege. Good luck. I hope you enjoy Imperial Glory as much as I have.