View Full Version : Just Cause installation problems

22nd Oct 2006, 10:51
does your justcause try to install the game with MS-DOS??? Mine does and when i try to install it pops up with an error tht says something about WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/AUTOEXEC.NT. The file cannot be used with DOS or Windows. . .. . well something like that:D If anyone has any clue of what i mean then please help me. And sry for my english...:lol:

22nd Oct 2006, 12:10
Might be a problem with the autoplay trying to run a different application when you hit "Install".

Try running the installer manually:

Open My Computer
Right-click on the drive Just Cause is in and select Explore
Find setup.exe and double click on it

This should launch the installer properly... Unless I have completely missed something here! :lol: