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20th Oct 2006, 20:48
Can any one told me that wht happened to edios:confused: I am really angry to them i was bought HMBM to play but it perform slow because of fx card.:mad:But now i bought just cause and i cant play beause of windows send error .

Can any one help me to play just cause plz :mad2:

21st Oct 2006, 01:49
I don't really know what you are saying/asking. I am sympathetic on forums because a lot of people don't speak english. However, can you try and specify your problem/concern?

HMBM? If you bought a game that wouldn't work because your integrated Intel video chipset wasn't supported then that is your problem. That's why they put system requirements on the box. It's also another reason people buy consoles and pay a premium for games. Some people don't want to have to upgrade their computer constantly just to play games. Others upgrade anyway so it isn't that big of a deal.

22nd Oct 2006, 12:21
I think he is talking about the problems with nVidia's horrid FX graphics cards and HM:BM but this is a seperate issue from what he is getting with Just Cause as he can't get the game to run.

@Tonmoy - I take it you are getting a "Justcause.exe has encountered a problem and must close..." error? If so this may be the same problem others are experiencing with the Windows Security update KB917422.

Check this thread out:

It has some information about the problem.

Let me help here, this only will fix the crash that occurs if you click the "Show details" link in the crash, and the modname reads kernel32.dll. M$ is in the process of fixing this fix, so hopefully it won't affect us gamers for long. If its any consolation, it is affect non-gamers admin types as well.