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18th Oct 2006, 13:17
Hello! I'm having this pretty stupid problem, and I think there must be an easy way to solve it... :mad2:

As said on the title, the problem lies in Kazakstan (I don't recall how to spell it :D ). So, I have used the magnetic apparat correctly, and then went thought the door. There is some gas coming from pipes and I jump on the "levels" above them. Then I jump and grap the pipe, go to the next "levels". Then comes the problem! There is 5 "levelsqueres" horizontally an 2 vertically on the both sides. Above the one vertical on the right side of the wall is a "level" where I think I'm supposed to jump. But I have absolutely no idea what to do! Lara just can't jump so high, and I don't come up with any idea how to solve this!

Hopefully someone understands what I'm talking about, and will help me! I'm sorry about my bad english, it's definitely not my mother tongue, as you can see :D

e. corrected some typos

edit: screen shots here http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/4232240

18th Oct 2006, 15:10
OK, not supposed to go there :D Found a way to finish kaz.

im the legend
26th Oct 2006, 07:41
i only need one more reward on kasakstan then ive got all the rewards

26th Oct 2006, 09:42
Yep, I thought so too ;) But still didn't find a way to get there, but mayde next time...

26th Oct 2006, 22:19
Oiy. It never fails to annoy me when people misspell 'kazakctan'.....

I'll get over it though. :rolleyes:

27th Oct 2006, 00:32
That's the way you come from. Jumping on the platforms on the corridor before that one you can reach a pipe with an electrical arc. Grab it and shimmy all the way to the end and jump off to the other side. You'll be on the top ledge, from which you'd drop to the lower one (if you'd want to) before jumping to the platform you are on the screenshots. :)