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17th Oct 2006, 09:58
I am stuck in the Mission called "Resistance". Kindly tell me how to complete it

19th Oct 2006, 06:00
More detailed information please. At what place are you stuck? Remember to complete all primary objectives to finish the map... so steal the truck, kill the guy, safe the doctor. If you've done these 3 jobs go to the starting point of the map.

20th Oct 2006, 06:15
Tell me how to find the truck which has to be stolen. (Primary job 3):)

20th Oct 2006, 09:31
Well, the best thing to do is to use the map. You have to go to the north side, near the fountain. You will see an orange arrow I believe on the map where to go to.

21st Oct 2006, 10:17
I found the Truck near fountain but when I get close to it nothing happens, I mean if I fire the drums of explosives the truck explodes

21st Oct 2006, 14:14
Humm, did you get to another area? The truck is not really near the fountain, but the route to the truck is.

Just go to the Yellow objective on the map...

If you did find the right truck, you have to press [USE] on the green door. If you don't have the truck documents go upstairs to a certain room and jump on the table, the documents are on there :).

29th Oct 2006, 14:30
I can't use the truck. I read that I must find some documents for truck but I dont know where are they. I followed (yelow) in north in the Tunnel; but can't figure it out

29th Oct 2006, 16:10
medical truck,frist part i see yelow asterisk,and staying nearest when i jump in hole and go upstaris,i am very close but i can't figure it out where are documents.

30th Oct 2006, 09:00
I will upload a movie of how to complete this later today!!

30th Oct 2006, 11:37
Konnan that will be great when you upload movie,my friends and i stuck on that lvl.thx man ;)

30th Oct 2006, 17:18
Okay I've uploaded the movie to youtube, its 12mb... I made it a bit bigger but clearer.

this is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLn4gLD9gSc

2nd Nov 2006, 12:30
I will try to enter the side enterance which I missed.

Thanks for your help and please countinue helping others!!!!!!!