View Full Version : Hitman BM is not starting- Help!

13th Oct 2006, 09:29
I'm getting the following error massege:

AppName: hitmanbloodmoney.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2945 Offset: 000ee219

I tried to install/uninstall a no of times but did not help :mad2: :mad2: .
Config: NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 128 MB , 640MB of DDR RAM. Tried to update disply driver but that did not help too :scratch:

Please help :(

13th Oct 2006, 10:21
I don't think your video card is supported.. to be sure you can run this test:

Also do you have the latest patch for Hitman?

13th Oct 2006, 15:35
I am presently not in touch with my PC, I'll let you know the result by coming Sunday evening.
Yes I downloaded and installed patch ver 1.2. After that this error massege came to be displyed. Previous to that the black screen with red progress bar would come up- upto around 25% it'll go and then bang- back to desktop. :mad2: :scratch: :mad: :confused:

I have gone through the readme- are you sure that I can't run this game with my present Video card?

Please help.

15th Oct 2006, 16:01
Hi @m,

yes you were right my friend, unfortunately my video card is not supported :(
I wish Eidos kept old card users like us in mind. After playing 3 in a row, I'm gonna miss my all time favourite Tobias Ripper.

Thanks for helping me out.

9th Aug 2007, 12:36
Hi guys

Ok, I really need to dig it up as I recently updated my system completely.

Now, I have C2D 4300, ASUS P5B-VM Motherboard with Intel chipset G965. It comes with onboard X3000 Intel Graphics, but I still can not play this game.

Any idea?

Thank you.

15th Aug 2007, 08:47
I think the graphic card continues to be the problem here.

14th Sep 2007, 16:58
I think the graphic card continues to be the problem here.

Hi @m

Could you tell me what is the minimum nVidia card that I should get to play this game? I am not really very knowledgeable about GPU features.

Sorry for digging it up again ;)

16th Sep 2007, 09:28
I don't know much of gpu's either I only know that for gaming you best stay away from onboard cards and the now late geforce 4 mx.

The site mentions as a minimum nVidia GeForce FX or ATi Radeon 9500)
I would be looking more in the direction of the recommended though:
ATI X800 series, nVidia GeForce 6800 series. As otherwise you'll have to upgrade later on.

The best way to find a good card I think is to have a look at sites like http://www.tomshardware.com/ and http://www.guru3d.com/ they specialize in this and have all sorts of articles and reviews about them.

16th Sep 2007, 11:24
Thank you very much friend. :)

18th Oct 2007, 13:05

I am diggin' up this ol' thread just to let you all know that after updating the graphics card driver to the latest released by Intel about a month or two ago, HM4 is running. I have not yet played through the game, but at least I could start to play.

Hope that others may be benefited from this information.

Thank you.