View Full Version : No Sound During Game

12th Oct 2006, 06:52
Just installed and started playing. Video clips have sound, but once back into game there is no sounds effects or any other background noise. Awesome game but sound would be nice. Anyone else had this issue? Any solutions?


12th Oct 2006, 07:43
I would say update your sound card drivers. If you don't know what you have post your system specs. If you don't know your system specs attach a DirectX diagnostics report. To do that...
1 - Click Start->Run-> type dxdiag->press Enter/Return
2 - Click Save All Information...
3 - Post it

I don't know if this game uses EAX extentions but you might want to update OpenAL.

13th Oct 2006, 18:37
Thanks, the OpenAl fixed it. This game rocks ;p

13th Oct 2006, 18:41
No problem, glad you got it working.