View Full Version : Demo error: Please ensure the latest drivers are installed...

10th Oct 2006, 11:40
Im unsure if such an error has been discussed before but there seems to be a lot of very varied issues. My graphics card is an intel 82945G, and it supports Direct 9.0. The error also asked me if it supports vertex shader 1.1 and pixel shader 1.1, which it does.

If anyone knows how to handle this, please let me know...i'm keen to purchase the full version but need to know if my computer can work it first.

Oh, Ive also tried several suggestions in other threadsd...Ive downloaded several extra codecs and tried reinstalling...

10th Oct 2006, 16:13
That card doesn't support pixel shaders because of it's hardware. I believe it's an onboard card and is not really fit for gaming. I think intrepid_soul has posted a link to or mentioned a program where you could emulate the pixel shader thing I believe it's called 3Danalyze. Even if it works it will probably be very very slow.

10th Oct 2006, 16:51
I have also got the same problem with on board graphics except that i have actually bought the game. Any ideas if a patch will be coming out soon to fix this or if there is any other way?

11th Oct 2006, 07:17
Yes, this download did fix the problem...as for speed I simply lowered the resolution and detail


11th Oct 2006, 20:51
Wa_la_Revolucion, could you please tell me what boxes did you tick on 3Danalyze to get the game working, ive tried "emulate pixel shader caps" and a few others and the game just doesnt load at all.

14th Oct 2006, 19:50
Im having the same problem, could someone please tell me where you got this link from to stop it happening.

15th Oct 2006, 20:08
If you are willing to drop $50 on a game drop $50-$100 on a video card. These aren't the fastest cards out there but you should be able to play at 1024X768 with most of the details turned on/up.