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10th Oct 2006, 00:31
After I installed Thief: Deadly Shadow and start the game, after a short loading screen, the openning movie will begin straight away... but the problem is the movie will be repeated and never end like a forever loop... when i click Esc, it will just restart the openning movie and won't stop in the main menu. But lucky i can still exit this forever loop by pressing Alt-F4.

I've tried everything, like re-install the game and even re-install my Windows.
Also, I have download the latest display card driver... but all of them still not work... Could some one please help me. Thanks

My system is:
CPU: AMD ATHLON64 X2 3800+ DUAL CORE 64 BIT AM2 2000Mhz HT
Display Card: GIGABYTE NX76G512P-RH 7600GS, 512MB, PCIE, DDR2, TVO, DL, DVI,TWV

My OS is:
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2

10th Oct 2006, 14:25
Try runing with only a single core of your processor if you can arrange that. I'm not quite sure how to do that in your situation. The simple way would be to start the game and then set affinity of the Thief process to a single processor, but you may not be able to do that owing to the movie loop you are in. As a backup, maybe there is a BIOS setting. If the single processor works, then there are ways to set affinitiy to a single processor automatically. Anyway, let us know if that works before proceeding.

11th Oct 2006, 22:40
Sorry about I forgot to say that i am a computer newbie... i have send email to GIGABYTE to ask about how to run my PC with only single core of my processor... about setting affinity of the thief process to a single processor, unfortunately, either me and my friends are not sure how to set it... could you please tell me the step of how to set the affinity? Thanks

12th Oct 2006, 03:32
Start Thief. Then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up a window, of which Task Manager is an option. Select Task manager. Then select the Performance Tab. Note that two processors are running. Go to the Process tab. Scroll to find the Thief.exe process. The following I cannot test here because I have a single processor at home, but it goes something like this. Right click on the process name, and there should be a context menu, of which one choice should be to set affinity for the process to a single processor. Pick any one, say CPU_1, and OK your way back out. Now look at the performance tab, and you will see two processors, but the one running Thief may be taking more of one processor than before. At that point, if you are lucky, you may have solved it.

But I am not sure what happens if you do this while you are in your perpetual movie loop. If that doesn't work, then....

You may want to find a computer-literate friend to help you with this. Another possible approach to selecting one CPU is to go into the BIOS and set it so only one processor is running. There should be a way to do that, but I would have to see your BIOS screen to know exactly how, or if, it is possible. Anyway, when booting up, you may briefly see a message "Hit xxx to enter Setup." xxx is usually DEL or F2, but it is motherboard dependent. At exactly that time (or before) hit the xxx key and see if you can enter setup. It may take more than one try and good timing. With success, you will be sent to the setup screen for the motherboard (BIOS). Once in setup, look carefully at the legend to see what key does what, like changing a value. Normally, you would use arrow keys and enter key to scroll around and select menu items. Try to find an option to set number of CPU's or to deactivate one. If you can find it, then there is a special key like F10 to save the new setting and reboot.

At this point, if you have successfully made a BIOS change to one procesor, when you go into the Task manager Performance tab, you should actually see only one CPU. Then, of course, everything will run on only one core. This is not a desirable permanent fix. If this works, you can set it back later.

This is all kind of vague, I know. I have no idea if any of this will help or not. This is simply a test to see if one CPU will work. If it does, then we go to plan B to make the Affinity permanent for Thief, which I will describe later only if the Plan A test is successful.

12th Oct 2006, 03:52
Many thanks for your reply, Peter, I am really appreciate for it.

By the wait, could I ask you a question before I do the test since I am in office this moment...

The question is I have only bought 1 CPU for my PC, so my PC should only use 1 processor running, is it? Or since my motherboard is DUEL CORE, so it will create a "virtual" CPU running on my PC?

Again, thanks for your help and I'll let you know if it works tomorrow.

12th Oct 2006, 04:46
It is your processor that is dual core, not your motherboard. A dual core processor, which is fabricated as one chip, works exactly the same a two separate processors, with two chips, on one motherboard. A difference is that the dual core may share some components, like a memory controller, on the chip. The second processor in a dual core is real, not virtual. The motherboard is just the board that wires all the stuff together, including chips to control communication between components.

Now, if you had an Intel processor (which you don't), the addition of hyperthreading would create a virtual processor. If you have a dual core Intel with hyperthreading, it would look like four processors, two of which would be virtual. But you have an AMD. So, its two cores will both be real.

10th Nov 2006, 00:16
Hi, Peter
Sorry about didn't reply you for a long time because I'm having an annual leave (holiday) before... (can't test your suggestion because I left my desktop at home...)
I arrived yesterday and re-test it with your suggestion and it WORKS but just a little bit tricky than what I expected!
The way of what I did is...
Before I start the game, I click Ctrl+Alt+Del, goto "Processes"...
Then double click on Thief3.exe, before the game load, quickly right click on
T3.exe shown in the Processes list, click "Affinity" and you'll see CPU0 and CPU1 were ticked, quickly un-tick the CPU1 checkbox and click "OK"... If you're fast, then you'll see a T3Main.exe will shown in a short, quickly do the same thing on it (right click T3Main.exe, click "Affinity" and un-tick the CPU1 checkbox, click "ok")... Again, if you fast enough, the game will just start to load up in a second. Now we can start and play Thief normally even with a dual core processor ~~

Thanks again for your help, Peter.