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Marshall Thomas
9th Oct 2006, 04:25
Should Hussars be considered to be light calvary and should Lancers be considered heavy calvary? How does having a higher melee but lower armor rating(Hussars) distinguish a calvary unit from a calvary unit with a lower melee but higher armor rating(Lancers) in melee combat? Hussars have a melee attack rating of 70 and an armor rating of 70. Lancers have a melee attack rating of 60 and an armor rating of 90. Now considering that both types may only engage in melee combat, how do they differ from one another in melee fighting?

Also, do calvary types with less armor(like Hussars) move faster than those with higher armor ratings? Thanks in advance

Duke of Potsdam
9th Oct 2006, 04:59
Hey there,

Although Hussars and Lancers both engage in melee attack there are some nominal differences you should take note of. First of all Lancers are your best cavalry unit. They tend to stay engaged in combat longer. They are also extremely proficient in breaking infantry squares. Hussars on the other hand should be used to support an infantry charge in that they are (even in history) recklessly courageous and can punch a hole in a weak opposing line. They are skilled at pursuing and reengaging a routed enemy and slaughtering what is left of them. As far as speed is concerned there is no significant difference in speed between light and heavy cavalry in the game although there is thought to be. Certainly Hussars will move faster than the heavily armored French Cuirassier but the difference is not a huge one of note. Finally to answer your third question, Hussars are indeed considered light cavalry and Lancers are heavy cavalry. The terminology between light and heavy doesnt necessarily mean that they wear armor or not. It is also specified by the type of weapons they utilize. I do hope this reply helped you a little.

Marshall Thomas
9th Oct 2006, 05:46
Thank you very much. Your reply has really helped me. I suppose that the Hussar's higher melee attack rating means that they do more damage in less time than Lancers- who have a lower melee attack rating. But the Hussar's lower armor rating means that they take more damage in less time than Lancers - who have a higher armor rating. Thanks again for your reponse.

Duke of Potsdam
9th Oct 2006, 16:11
Not at all a problem bro. I have been playing this game for some time so I am well acquainted with how everything functions. :D